3D, VR, AR, XR, VRx,...

...and whatever is next: we got you covered. 

We are team.

At Project Vai we bring together our specialists from the fields of advertising, design, modelling, shading, rendering, animation, coding, content and strategy so that the overall result is right. With 10 years of experience we are proud 3D and VR/AR consultants for companies ranging from small to legacy.


What can you expect?

Our services range from HighEnd Rendering and Visualisation, Animation, Composing, Post production, VFX and overlays to Virtual Trade Shows, 3D and augmented reality configurators and App-free AR and VR experiences.


We work with any kind of CAD data and transform it into breathtaking still and moving images. There is no CAD data? No Problem. We model everything to your specific needs or use photogrammetry to capture every angle for your stunning product.

At Project Vai we create immersive experiences.

An “immersive experience” pulls a person into a new or augmented reality, enhancing everyday life via technology. This is often enabled by the use of cross platform solutions, where different technologies are linked together. When designing seamless Cross-Platform solutions we always have one goal in mind. Creating a solid but intangible backbone for a state of the art user experiences.


Make a difference.

Your Business can get ahead with a personalised digital experience. From figuring out pain points and collecting relevant data to first draft and demos - after 10 years of working side by side with international clients, our customer-centric approach is well refined. Our international clients are in Healthcare, Pharma, Transportation, Tech & Industry - both in B2B and B2C markets. 

Technology is your friend.

We offer 3D Asset management with role based access for teams and 3D/VR/AR solutions with in depth analytics reporting that empowers clients to immediate learnings and us at Project Vai to on the fly improvements of the customer experience. The seamless integration of technology, internal and external, elevates your project and makes you stand out among competitors.


We craft digital experiences.

Driven by aesthetics and fuelled by imagination we embark on a journey to discover new and so far unexplored worlds. Come with us!

And if you don't really understand what most of this means, but you are curious, intrigued, in need... Don't worry, We are not only fluent in nerd, but also in corporate. Successful projects start with a solid strategy. Reach out, we are happy to help!

Berlin based. Working worldwide.